The Ferris Wheel

Sweet carts are a lovely extra touch to have at your wedding and any other events. Your guests will enjoy filling a bag with all different types of sweets that you choose. These may match your colour scheme or just be some favourites of yours. 

Prices for hiring are below:

Ferris wheel, 4 x scoops, 4 x tongs and bags


Ferris wheel, 4 x scoops, 4 x tongs, bags and filled with sweets



Add something extra to any occasion with this ladder, painted light grey to fit in with any theme. It can be hired on its own to be decorated how you want or can be hired with all our extra items. It can be used as seen in the picture with photos of you and your other half, can be used for people who are no longer with you for your special day or for a different option, a table plan display. 

Ladder only - £15

Ladder with items - £20